Classwork                                                               Homework

April 16-22

Monday- Friday


Vacation Week complete the open response as quiz grade.

Multiple choice for review.

DONT Forget do a little every day....        YEAR LONG PPT Great Help on Pictoral (Graphic) Review

Friday- Sign all forms for Envirothon- Order T-shirt sizes and logo

Go to the Meaker Book Review and read the first 3 pages.

Go to third column and read flowery phrases to avoid.

Go to First page and read weekly article enrichment.  Read two articles

Go to Hippocampus.org link (middle column) click on Earth Science, AP and watch nitrogen cyle

Go to the year long PPT and make a cheet sheet.

Check it out!                            Scale of things in the Universe

    Impt Links

Great APES Websites



1st Quarter

New Doug's Math Help


Fractions and Times Tables



Dimensional Analysis

Math Practice Sheet


Meaker Book Review

excellent overview of course-numbers outdated




Study Guide to

Tests 1 & 2 Excellent


Plate Tectonics

Student hanout

Power and Energy HOAns


Great Video Review Hippocampus.org


Chemical Element Cycles: Overview

Water Cycle

Carbon Cycle or Carbon Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

Phosphorus Cycle or Phosphorus Cycle



PPT Water Resources

Aquatic Ecosystems PPT

PPT Water Pollution

Soils PPT

Agriculture & Environment

Biodiversity PPT

Biome Review

Biome Chart

PPT-Intro Human Population & Sustainability

PPT on Minerals and Review Ch14

PPT on Chapter 15 Fossil Fuel

PPt on Air Pollution


Watch the following videos

At Hippocampus.org

Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

Oil Recovery

Area Strip Mining

Mining for Borax

Ore Processing

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Fission



Environmental Laws


Youtube APES in a Box review




Part I


Part II



Flowery Phrases to AVOID


wonderful video hits major topics


Final Review Pages

These are wonderful online resources


Vocabulary Review 



Flashcards by Jonathan Weiland, Highland Park HS, Highland Park, IL

Review Flashcards 1

Review Flashcards 2

Review Flashcards 3

Review Flashcards 4

Review Flashcards 5

 Law Review Flashcards

Online Review Test 1

Online Review Test 2

Online Review Test 3


Saturday- Forest Field Trip with Mt Grace Forestry Program

Sunday- listen to NPR  What's UP with Coffee- Ecological Story... You should hear!  CHeck out NPR morning program!

Monday TBA


Monday May 6 Exam Day